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LLM — AIShield Guardian | 08 January, 2024

Guardrails to manage Generative AI risks effectively

By Manpreet Dash

AIShield GuArdIan bridging the gap in Generative AI Risks Management for CISOs and CIOs

In the rapidly evolving domain of Generative AI, the implementation of robust guardrails is crucial to manage inherent risks, such as data breaches and intellectual property concerns. AIShield GuArdIan emerges as a pioneering solution, offering comprehensive risk management through dynamic policy enforcement, jailbreak protection, and compliance assurance. This article highlights the urgency for businesses to understand and address the four main risk categories associated with Generative AI: Data-Related, Model and Bias-Related, Prompt/Input-Related, and User-Related risks. AIShield GuArdIan provides a secure bridge between user applications and AI models, ensuring ethical, transparent, and reliable AI usage.

Executive Summary

1. Critical Need for AI Guardrails: In the face of the swift adoption of Generative AI across industries, the necessity for robust guardrails is paramount to manage inherent risks, ranging from data breaches to intellectual property concerns.

2. Comprehensive Risk Analysis: Understanding and addressing four key risk categories - Data-Related, Model and Bias-Related, Prompt/Input-Related, and User-Related - is vital for secure AI integration.

3. Innovative Solution with AIShield GuArdIan: AIShield GuArdIan emerges as a pioneering, patented solution offering dynamic policy management, advanced jailbreak protection, and compliance assurance, ensuring a balanced approach to AI deployment.

Businesses, eager to harness the potential of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI (GAI), are rapidly integrating them into their operations and client facing offerings. Yet, the breakneck speed at which LLMs are being adopted has outpaced the establishment of comprehensive security protocols, leaving many applications vulnerable to high-risk issues. Gartner's survey underscores generative AI as a primary emerging risk, appearing in its top 10 for first time, spotlighting concerns like IP infringement, data breaches, and other vulnerabilities. People deploying GenAI systems at enterprises and communities are also deeply concerned about threats such as extraction of sensitive data, poisoned training data, and leakage of training data (especially sensitive third-party data). A significant 79% of senior IT leaders express apprehension about these potential security threats. It's crucial for organizations to prioritize ethical, transparent, and accountable use of these technologies.

Generative AI Risks

We see four broad risks inherent to the technology that organizations need to understand and manage:

1. Data-Related Risks: There are several risks associated with the data used in generative AI models. These include the propagation of errors and potential intellectual property (IP) or contractual issues arising from unauthorized data usage. Additionally, the use of poor-quality data for training these models can lead to the generation of misleading or harmful content.

2. Model and Bias-Related Risks: In the development of language models for generative AI, there's a risk of violating ethical and responsible AI principles. This can result in outputs that are discriminatory or biased, which is a significant concern.

3. Prompt/Input-Related Risks: There are risks associated with the prompts or questions fed into the AI model. Inadequate or poorly designed prompts can lead to misleading, inaccurate, or harmful AI responses.

4. User-Related Risks: Users of generative AI may unintentionally contribute to the spread of misinformation or harmful content. This can happen when users, perhaps unknowingly, treat the AI's hallucinations – which are erroneous or nonsensical responses – as factual information.

For a detailed deep dive into the risks of generative AI, please refer to our earlier blog: Fortifying Generative AI: Mitigating Its Risks with Guardrails for Security and Compliance | AI Security Solutions ( The top risks associated to the enterprise use of LLMs according to OWASP include Intellectual Property (IP) Infringement, data privacy breaches, plagiarism, toxicity, and a general increase of enterprises’ attack surface. Balancing the innovative rewards with generative AI risks is crucial for gaining trust and competitive advantage. AIShield GuArdIan's team of risk professionals plays a pivotal role in ensuring that GenAI is used in a manner that is private, bias-managed, valid, reliable, accountable, transparent, and, most importantly, trusted.

AIShield GuArdIan: Guardrails that enforce secure use of Generative AI

We’ve the expertise and experience of implementing “guardrails” working with CISO, CTO & CIO organizations through our patented and award-winning solution AIShield GuArdIan (CES Innovation Honoree 2024) for safe, secure, and compliant usage of Generative AI, mitigating risks such as Intellectual Property (IP) Infringement, data privacy breaches and others.

AIShield GuArdIan acts as a secure bridge between user applications and large language models, analyzing input/output, enforcing role-based policies, and safeguarding against legal, policy, and usage violations. It provides vital protection for the human experience with generative AI systems, enhancing security and compliance. The product's distinct features and processes ensure sensitive data protection, ethical, legal, and regulatory compliance.

AIShield GuArdIan's comprehensive framework ensures secure Generative AI & LLMs utilization through key components:

1. Guardrails and Policy Enforcement: AIShield GuArdIan includes a set of guardrails that define rules, policies, and ethical guidelines for Generative AI usage. These guardrails are designed to prevent risks such as IP infringement, data privacy breaches, and security vulnerabilities. The product enforces these policies in real-time to comply with standards and organizational guidelines.

2. Dynamic Policy Mapping and Enforcement: Inspired by the traditional Identity-Access Management (IAM) Systems, the solution provides the possibility to control the policies of LLM Usage based on the User-Role. The product involves mapping different roles within an organization to specific policies. This dynamic mapping allows for contextual policy enforcement based on the user's role, input query, and generated response. When a user queries the LLM, the corresponding policy control of the user is fetched from the database and moderated appropriately. This configuration provides possibilities to dynamically assign, modify and delete policy controls at a single-configuration window by the Administrator. This feature ensures that different users, such as doctors, administrators, and compliance officers, receive outputs aligned with their respective roles and responsibilities.

3. Jailbreak Protection: AIShield GuArdIan employs algorithms and mechanisms to prevent unauthorized manipulation or jailbreaking of the AI system. It detects and blocks jailbreak attempts, ensuring the system's integrity and protecting against malicious usage.

AIShield GuArdIan as the bridge between user application and LLM
AIShield GuArdIan as the bridge between user application and LLM

As Generative AI adoption outpaces security measures, Guardian acts as a "demilitarized zone," analyzing input and output, blocking harmful input and output based on dynamic role-based policies, aligning with policies. Its role-based nuanced approach safeguards against legal, policy, usage-based violations, and misinformation, enhancing security and compliance.

Embrace your Future of Generative AI with Confidence and Security

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Generative AI, AIShield GuArdIan emerges as your essential ally. More than just ensuring compliance, we are committed to cultivating trust and upholding the integrity of your Generative AI applications.

Are apprehensions about the risks of Generative AI hindering your progress in adopting Gen AI?

Are you seeking robust safeguards for your Generative AI & LLM applications to guarantee their safety and security?

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