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AI Security Solutions
As a one-stop AI security solution, AIShield secures your AI/ML assets against adversarial threats, and prevents financial loss, damage to brand reputation and intellectual property theft.
Assess. Detect. Defend.

Threats posed to unsecured AI

Explore a few examples below and learn about the damage threat actors can inflict in real-world scenarios.

AI Security Whitepaper

AI Security Whitepaper

When it comes to securing AI Systems, it's hard to patch or mitigate what you can't detect.

Understand what are novel risks affecting AI systems. Review perspectives on AI Security from research community, businesses and regulators. Gain high-level recommendations for your organization to enhance AI Security of your AI/ML assets.

Benefits of AIShield

Below are some benefits provided

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Out-of-the-box secure AI

Security comes as a core selling point for your AI products. Your AI model gets end-to-end security features throughout the product lifecycle with vulnerability analysis, defense generation, real-time threat identification, and telemetry.

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Flexible EDR mechanisms

Built for customization, the AIShield enables the deployment of end-point defense mechanisms along with the original model in target environments such as cloud or embedded.

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Easy automated workflows

Available as a Cloud-SaaS offering with interactive, user-friendly dashboards, metrics, and reporting with API integration with your MLOPs pipelines.

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Bring Trust to AI

Detailed threat and risk assessment reports along with visual indicators and metrics along with relevant artifacts aid decision-making for business leaders and product managers in the continuous protection of their AI systems.


Protect IP and Investments

With the in-built telemetry feature, the automated defense mechanisms as a part of your AI system will aid in the protection of crucial IP and assets and thus keep your business safe from the market impact of attacks.

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Enable Regulatory Compliance

Leverage proprietary risk assessment framework and vulnerability scanning feature to demonstrate compliance with relevant regulatory guidelines with easy and accessible documentation required for certification.

Offerings by AIShield

We save your team time - for example, by providing recommendations for specification, bid comparison, templates and playbooks.


Customized enterprise implementation solutionizing for AI security

  • Execute a proof of concept for prioritized AI security use cases.
  • Receive vulnerability assessment report & integrate defense model to mitigate threats to AI.
  • For enterprise-wide implementation & scaling, leverage the SaaS offering.

We save your team time - for example, by providing recommendations for specification, bid comparison, templates and playbooks.


Leverage the product for an end-to-end AI security experience

  • Vulnerability assessment with user-friendly visualization and custom Endpoint Defense generation.
  • Real-time threat informed Endpoint Defense and Response.
  • Integration with MLOPs pipelines and leading SIEM/SOAR providers to get novel AI security insights.

AIShield on AWS

AIShield for MS Sentinel

Working with AIShield

We are your Trusted Partners in your AI journey. We have unmatched research with IP leadership, deep AI Security expertise, and proven solution.

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We Prove Security

A neutral third party that can help you prove your confidence is well founded in the security posture of AI.

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We Validate Security Posture

See if your current security tools and posture can detect, prevent and respond to adversarial ML attacks.

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We Show & Tell Leadership

Our assessment provides unprecedented transparency in visual and actionable reports to leadership.

We Demonstrate Launch Readiness

Show the impact of cyber-attacks and mitigation on AI applications and help shift the culture to security by design.


We Provide CIA Triad Assurance

Assure that Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability risks are understood and taken care of in the best possible way.

Security in AI/ML requires new approaches because of novel attack vectors that teams must take into consideration as they build out their AI/ML infrastructure.

Dan Jeffries, Managing Director, AI Infrastructure Alliance

Resources by AIShield

Here you can find Whitepapers, Case Studies, and Talks on AI security topic

Overview presentation

AIShield Overview

Overview on AI Security and AIShield's offerings

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Solution Case Studies

Read more to understand how AIShield has helped in various domains

Frequently Asked Questions

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About Us

  • CEO, AI Security

    Manojkumar Parmar

    Function - CEO,CTO, Location - Bangalore, India
    • Manoj is a established Technology leader with years of experience in field of AI,ML, Quantum Computing and Automotive.
    • Manoj heads AIShield in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer defining and driving the program and technology strategy.
  • cpo, ai security

    Amit Phadke

    Function - CPO, Location - Bangalore, India
    • Amit is a seasoned Product leader with years of experience in field of Automotive Software and Product Management.
    • Amit heads AIShield in the capacity of Chief Product Officer defining and driving product and platform strategy alonwgith overseeing engineering activities.
  • cbo, ai security

    Shiv Kumar

    Function - CBO, Location - Bangalore, India
    • Shiv is a seasoned Business leader with years of experience in field of sales, partnerships for emerging technologies.
    • Shiv heads AIShield in the capacity of Chief Business Officer defining and driving customer sales and partnership strategies.


Meet our Scientific Advisory Board

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    Prof. Dr. Biggio Battista

    Function - Assistant professor, University of Cagliari, Italy Co-founder, Pluribus One , Location - Italy
    • Battista Biggio is an Assistant Professor at the University of Cagliari, Italy, and co-founder of the cybersecurity company Pluribus One. He has provided pioneering contributions in machine-learning security, playing a leading role in this field. He has managed six research projects and regularly serves as a PC member for ICML, NeurIPS, ICLR, and IEEE Symp. S&P, and USENIX Security. He chaired IAPR TC1 (2016-2020), co-organized S+SSPR, AISec, and DLS, and served as Associate Editor for IEEE TNNLS, IEEE CIM, and Pattern Recognition. He is a senior member of IEEE and ACM and a member of IAPR and ELLIS.
  • Alt-Tag - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat, sed diam voluptua.

    Prof. Dr. Lejla Betina

    Function - Professor, Digital Security Group, Radboud University, Netherlands , Location - Netherland
    • Lejla Batina is a professor in the Digital Security group at Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Her research group comprises 10+ researchers, and 9 Ph.D. students have graduated under her supervision.
    • She is a senior member of IEEE and an Editorial board member of top journals in security, such as IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security and ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems.
  • Alt-Tag - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat, sed diam voluptua.

    Prof. Dr. Mario Fritz

    Function - Faculty member, CISPA , Honorary Professor, Saarland University , Fellow, ELLIS , Location - Switzerland
    • Mario Fritz is a tenured faculty at CISPA, an honorary professor at the Saarland University, and a fellow of the European Laboratory of Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS). His work centers around Trustworthy Information Processing, focusing on the intersection of AI & Machine Learning with Security & Privacy.

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