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Black Hat Asia 2024: Enhancing AI security in Singapore for its digital renaissance

Black Hat Asia 2024 offers a unique opportunity to gain critical insights into AI risk management and AI security needs in Singapore.

Addressing AI Security needs of Singapore at Black Hat Asia 2024

Securing your organization’s enterprise AI applications when threats increase in their attacks’ complexity is daunting.

What helps you survive and even thrive is foresight and the ability to identify sensitive entry points that can be misused by those with malicious intent toward your AI investments. Seasoned experts in digital transformation are particularly adept in this realm as Singapore navigates a new age of AI risk management, cybersecurity threats, adversarial attacks, and compliance imperatives.

As AI and ML penetrate deeper and deeper into digital assets, enterprises will have to exercise a new degree and form of caution as we advance.

Prioritizing AI Security in Singapore

Just like the digitally-savvy regions of the world, Singapore faces the dilemma of embracing digitalization while maintaining a defence against vulnerabilities in its AI-enabled applications for enterprises. Regulatory mandates are being examined through a new lens to address new threats.

86% of Singapore companies are identified as at risk of cybersecurity incidents, according to the ISACA Singapore and Frost & Sullivan Cyber Security Survey 2023. Almost 92% reported experiencing adverse events in the last two years.

Recognizing the need for legislative-driven measures, Singapore has taken a proactive stance on the ethical use of AI and data. The city-state has committed to digital security by establishing an Advisory Council.

The Council is dedicated to guiding AI technologies' ethical deployment and governance. The initiative is part of Singapore's broader National Artificial Intelligence Strategy. Launched in 2019, the National AI Strategy focuses on leveraging the benefits of AI while minimizing its risks.

Moreover, amendments have been made to laws to encompass AI-related risks:

  • The Road Traffic Rules 2017: Addressing the safe integration of autonomous vehicles.
  • The Cybersecurity Act 2018: Strengthening defences against cyber threats and vulnerabilities in AI systems.
  • The Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act 2019: Combating misinformation and enhancing data protection in the digital realm.

As we look forward to Black Hat 2024 Asia, Singapore's comprehensive cybersecurity framework and forward-thinking in securing AI systems set a vital backdrop for the event.

Black Hat Asia 2024: Discover more about AI Security in Singapore and its developments

Black Hat Asia 2024 is an in-person, live event held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore from April 16-19, 2024. Virtual recordings will follow it to help you access everything discussed here.

This time, it will also bring critical insights into new-age cybersecurity and infosec measures across industries in Singapore. Expect informative sessions, discussions, and an in-depth exploration of solutions that can empower enterprises to enhance their AI risk management capabilities.

Visit the AIShield booth at Black Hat Asia 2024 to discover how solutions like AIShield can bolster your AI security posture.

Our team would be happy to discuss your unique challenges with AI cybersecurity at length. Our experts and demos will hand-hold you through the workings and outcomes of this specially crafted AI risk management solution, addressing many areas, including vulnerability assessment, monitoring, visibility, and endpoint detection. It enables enterprises to stay ahead of the threats and challenges of AI.

Singapore is on a new bend in the road with all the digitization and technology re-engineering happening at many enterprises.

Save your calendar for AIShield at Black Hat Asia 2024.

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