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AIShield Forges Strategic Partnership with F5 to Safeguard Generative AI Applications

Strengthening AI Security: AIShield and F5's Strategic Alliance Transforms Generative AI Safeguarding


Bengaluru, India | 01 May 2024

AIShield, a leading provider of AI security solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with F5 (NASDAQ: FFIV) aimed at securing Generative AI applications. Leveraging AIShield's expertise in AI security and F5's cutting-edge Distributed Cloud Services and application security portfolio, the collaboration seeks to address the complex challenges associated with the deployment of Generative AI-based applications across various industries.

Risks Associated with Generative AI:

Despite the numerous advantages Generative AI offers, organizations face multiple risks. Many organizations are scrambling to incorporate Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) into their IT infrastructure to augment and improve business operations internally and externally. From copyright infringement and data breaches to the injection of malicious prompts and the generation of harmful content, the use of Generative AI in enterprises presents significant challenges. Ensuring the smooth and secure operation of Generative AI systems necessitates comprehensive security controls and frameworks that address technological fortifications, data privacy, user authentication, and regulatory compliance.

As the frontier of Generative AI expands, so do the security challenges associated with it. Leveraging our expertise in AI security and mixing that with F5's experience in securing multicloud applications, we are creating an industry-first end-to-end firewall tailored for generative AI applications. By integrating AIShield Guardian into F5 Distributed Cloud Services, we offer organizations a comprehensive solution to address AI safety and security risks effectively, ensuring secure access and usage of AI applications in minutes.

Manojkumar Parmar, Founder, CEO & CTO, AIShield

The Partnership between AIShield and F5:

The partnership between AIShield and F5 is a strategic response to the evolving security landscape posed by Generative AI. By integrating AIShield GuArdIan into F5 Distributed Cloud Services, organizations gain access to a comprehensive suite of security features tailored to address the unique challenges of AI applications. AIShield GuArdIan's dynamic policy mapping, jailbreak protection, and seamless integration capabilities, combined with F5's robust multi-cloud application service and security, provide organizations with the enterprise-ready solution needed to deploy, manage, and monitor AI systems securely across various cloud environments. This partnership aims to deliver advanced security solutions that safeguard organizations against AI security threats while adhering to evolving regulatory standards such as the EU AI Act and NIST AI RMF and existing best practices from MITRE ATLAS and OWASP Top 10 for LLM.

AIShield's GuArdIan platform plays a pivotal role in mitigating potential AI security risks by providing organizations with the means to deploy guardrails to address ethical, organizational, and regulatory requirements. With features designed to ensure the security and integrity of generative AI systems, GuArdIan empowers organizations to deploy AI applications safely and with confidence. With comprehensive monitoring and logging capabilities, GuArdIan enhances response quality and system integrity, offering over 75 configurable controls for multimodal content protection. Its role-based access control and advanced security measures protect against financial risks, fraud, and personal data misuse. AIShield GuArdIan is easily activated on the F5 Distributed Cloud Services platform via a container-based app that ensures integration across any LLM and their respective deployments, providing organizations to deploy AI applications safely and with confidence. By leveraging AIShield's expertise in AI security, organizations can address the challenges associated with generative AI in real-time.

In parallel, F5's Distributed Cloud Services serve as a robust foundation for deploying, securing, and operating applications in cloud-native environments. Offering a range of services including SaaS-based security, networking, and application management, F5 Distributed Cloud Services provide organizations with the essential infrastructure needed to support the smooth and secure operation of AI applications. Leveraging F5's extensive experience in networking and infrastructure, organizations can enhance the performance, scalability, and reliability of their AI systems while effectively managing security risks.

Together, AIShield and F5 offer a comprehensive solution to the security challenges posed by Generative AI. By combining AIShield's advanced AI security technology with F5's expertise, organizations can build, deploy, and run AI applications with confidence. This partnership enables enterprises to navigate the complexities of AI security while maximizing the benefits of AI transformation. By prioritizing security, assurance, and performance, AIShield and F5 empower organizations to harness the full potential of Generative AI while safeguarding against today’s threat and emerging threats.

At F5, we understand the evolving nature of AI risks and the importance of proactive security measures. Our collaboration with AIShield reflects our commitment to providing flexibility and cutting-edge solutions to our customers. AIShield GuArdIan seamlessly works with F5 Distributed Cloud Services’ secure multicloud networking to offer joint customers a well-positioned approach to mitigate AI risks, enhancing security and fostering innovation.

Pranav Dharwadkar, VP, Product Management at F5

By aligning efforts and expertise, F5 and AIShield’s comprehensive security frameworks ensure that sensitive data involved in AI interactions is protected by stringent privacy and compliance policies. This partnership represents a significant step forward in addressing the security challenges associated with Generative AI, empowering organizations to deploy, operate, and scale Generative AI applications securely and responsibly. It marks a significant stride in ensuring the responsible secure deployment of AI technologies while adhering to regulatory standards and organizational policies.

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About AIShield:

AIShield, a Gartner-recognized AI Security startup backed by Bosch, stands at the forefront of safeguarding AI systems With its unified AI security platform, SecureAIx, provides end-to-end security across the entire lifecycle of AI models, applications, and workloads, catering to various deployment scenarios, whether cloud-based or on-premises. The platform consists of three core modules: Watchtower, AISpectra, and GuArdian, each addressing specific security needs from the earliest stages of development to operational deployment. With over 45 patents, AIShield ensures robust protection against supply chain attacks, adversarial threats, and various vulnerabilities while aligning with industry standards such as NIST AI RMF and MITRE ATLAS. With strategic collaborations across the technology landscape, AIShield stands as a pivotal player in safeguarding AI/ML applications and driving security innovation in the AI ecosystem.

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